The Sun Was Setting 1951

A woman is dying in her apartment. Two friends visit her and she tells them she wants to go to Chinatown. They convince her not to go, and then leave themselves. Unable to stand her confinement, the woman dies.

Privacy Setting 2013

A peeping Tom (Frank V. Ross) stumbles into a mutually beneficial relationship with an exhibitionist.

The Setting Sun 1992

A Japanese soldier is forced to question alliances when he meets and falls in love with the leader of the rebel movement.

Setting Sun 1979

Dok-gu who has seen his son's family off to America lives alone, keeping a close relationship with Bok-rye who lives at an old people's home. Won also likes Bok-ye. Since he finds out his son cannot come back, he marries Bok-rye out of anger and Won falls into sickness. One day, Dok-gu has a stroke and Bok-rye takes care of him selling snacks on the street. His son offers to take him to America but he insists on staying with his wife. Won dies blaming Dok-gu for putting Bok-rye in such hardship. Dok-gu falls out of shock at the death of Won and dies.

Deep Purple: From the Setting Sun... in Wacken 2015

The show is a blast from the first note to the last and grows song after song, supported by the audience impressive presence. During this concert, Deep Purple left their “safe zone”. That is why this concert is the one that represents a feeling of improvisation and electricity similar to the band's classic years - more than many other live releases by the band. The show has been filmed by 9 HD cameras and it is also available in 3D on the Blu-ray version (the first time for Deep Purple)

Shiny Toy Guns - Setting Sun: Live in San Diego 2014

Alt. rockers Shiny Toy Guns perform to a sold-out crowd at the Belly Up tavern on the last stop of their 2014 summer tour. See the band performing some of their biggest hits including 'Le Disko' and 'You Are The One', along with fan favourites from their latest album 'III'.

Deep Purple: From The Setting Sun To The Rising Sun Limited Edition 2017

Double bill of live shows by British rockers Deep Purple. The first show, at the open air Wacken festival in Germany, includes the hits 'Vincent Price', 'Strange Kind of Woman' and 'Perfect Strangers'. The second, at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan, includes 'Hard Lovin' Man', 'Above and Beyond' and 'Smoke On the Water'.

Default Settings

This is the day Bobby will finally change, but what he must go through tests his sanity, anxiety, stress, work life, and relationships.

The Last Samurai 1974

The film follows the story of Sugi Toranosuke, a ronin, who returns to his home town of Edo many years after his attempted suicide as a sickly child. Rescued and adopted by a master swordsman, he has grown into a master swordsman and a very kind gentleman. The time is around 1868 the year that the nails were finally put into the coffin containing the feudal system that nurtured and sustained the samurai. Sugi is confused and unsure about what is happening but his teacher wants him out of the chaos of the multiple power struggles between the various clans.

Tosca in the Settings and at the Times of Tosca 1992

Contemporary Rome is the setting for this unique and highly innovative version of Puccini's Tosca, performed in the Roman locations - and at the times of day - as Puccini had written into his score. Thus the action opens in the beautiful 16th-century church of Sant'Andrea della Valle at noon, where Cavaradossi (Placido Domingo) is painting a portrait, moves to the Farnese Palace that evening where Tosca (Catherine Malfitano) dramatically stabs the lustful Scarpia (Ruggero Raimondi), and finally to the battlements of the Castel Sant'Angelo at dawn the following day where the final drama is played out.

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